Why "ImpaktFull" is Spelled This Way?

impaktfull contains 2 important words for us.

Impakt & full

Making an impakt on your products and your customers in every way is very important for us. But... We think impakt should go further than that. Giving back to the community and sharing knowledge with likeminded people to make a better digital tomorrow for everyone.

We don't merely complete projects; we begin by envisioning their success. Our approach involves meticulous planning, innovative thinking, and a commitment to long-term durability. We believe in crafting projects that not only meet your immediate goals but also stand the test of time. With us, you'll experience a full-service partnership that ensures your project's lasting impact.

What are our values?

These are our core values:
- Be a partner
- Deliver quality
- Always open communication
- Never not innovating
- Knowledge sharing
- Bringing communities together

What is our mission?

Igniting digital impakt on your products, customers and communities. By using innovative and long lasting technology.

What is our vision?

To help people embrace a future where quality defines every facet of life. Through relentless innovation, we want to create a lasting impakt, while also guiding and coaching others towards their own pathways of excellence.

Why do we love Flutter so much?

Flutter is a cross platform technology built by Google. It gives us the option to build multiple applications (Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux) from a single codebase. This does not only lower the development cost, but also the maintenance cost because only 1 codebase should be maintained.

Some blogposts:
- How Flutter is redefining app development

Why is opensource so important?

Opensource and knowledge sharing is where software development began for a lot of developers. Yes we are talking about stackoverflow. Also Flutter is fully opensource and we are constantly creating new packages or contributing to the community.

Here are some blogposts on why opensource is so important for us.
- A love letter to opensource

What are we using to build designs & prototypes?

We always use Figma just because it is the perfect tool to built beautiful designs and powerful design systems. Figma also has a prototyping tool so that makes it even a bigger no-brainer.

We are using webflow, does that mean that custom development is dead?

At impaktfull we think you should use the right technology for the right application. Building a marketing website with a CMS can take some time if this needs to be done all custom in code. There are a lot of cool platform that makes it super easy to create a new website. We use webflow because it allows us to built anything we want.

When building actual mobile/web "applications" with certain logic. This still requires custom development. For that we use Flutter (yeah we love Flutter), Nextjs, Nodejs and many other technologies.

Bottom line: we always try to find the best technology for your product!

Where can I find the impaktfull branding?

Branding is super important for impaktfull, we created a seperate page for it. You can find all the impaktfull branding and assets here.

Where are we located?

impaktfull is located in Antwerp Belgium.

Oudesteenweg 51 B1103
2060 Antwerpen

What our VAT number?

The VAT number or (BTW nummer in dutch) is BE0803678850

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