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What we do

Fueling growth, sparking change on your digital products, customers and communities

Why "impaktfull"


Making an impakt on your products and your customers in every way is very important for us.


We think impakt should go further than that. Giving back to the community and sharing knowledge with likeminded people to make a better digital tomorrow for everyone.

full (service)

We don't merely complete projects; we begin by envisioning their success. Our approach involves meticulous planning, innovative thinking, and a commitment to long-term durability.

We believe in crafting projects that not only meet your immediate goals but also stand the test of time. With us, you'll experience a full-service partnership that ensures your project's lasting impact.



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Mobile Apps

Together we will start from crash to build the exact product you need

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Web apps

Often a mobile app requires a webplatform as well. With Flutter we can do that from a single codebase


It should be a pleasure to use the end product. That is why a good UX & UI is very important

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Not sure where to go with your current codebase? A code audit can do wonders!

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Being able to release with a click of a button is key in this fast changing world

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Technical Guide

It is impressive how much you can learn just by asking a couple questions


Share with others

Open source development

Building tools, libraries and templates for the public

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Talks & Presentations

Sharing knowledge with likeminded people

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Organizing events

Bringing people together to expand your network

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Koen Van Looveren
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