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In May 2023, Andreas from Gus Foods reached out to me at impaktfull seeking advice on their Flutter application. This inquiry was perfectly timed as Koen Van Looveren was establishing impaktfull, creating an ideal opportunity for partnership.

Who is Gus Foods

Gus Foods revolutionizes workplace eating with smart fridges stocked with fresh, healthy, and locally sourced food, available 24/7. Their goal is to enhance employee well-being by providing convenient access to nutritious meals and snacks, reducing the need for external food runs and promoting better eating habits within the workplace. With Andreas De Ridder in charge of all daily operations, he is also where this story starts.

A picture of someone who takes something out of the Gus Foods fridge
Gus food fridge
We contacted Impaktfull because we already had a Flutter app and were looking for a flexible partner in front-end development. We're not a tech-first company ourselves, so having a reliable partner is key for us. From the start Impaktfull has proven very diligent and proactive, which took our app to the next level.

Andreas De Ridder (Founder Gus Foods)

Initial engagement

The challenge

Andreas was looking for assistance with their existing application, which had several stability issues. We sat down to discuss several options but it was clear Andreas was looking for a dedicated freelancer who likes a challenge and doesn't back off when refactoring is the first this that might happen when taking over the project. Our first step was to perform a comprehensive code audit. This audit only confirmed critical weaknesses in the codebase, underscoring the need for significant improvements to enhance the overall quality and performance of the app.

The proposal

We proposed starting with a detailed code audit to pinpoint and prioritise necessary improvements. Concurrently, Koen began setting up impaktfull, positioning us to take on the project efficiently. This approach allowed us to lay the groundwork for a robust, long-term collaboration and trust.

A picture of the Gus Foods app in front of the fridge
The fridge and the app are basicly one. to simplify the order process!

Transition and stabilisation

Code audit

The code audit highlighted several areas for improvement, including code quality, documentation, and permissions to tools Gus Foods should have access to. We identified and prioritised the critical issues that needed immediate attention to stabilise the app.

Transition phase

We seamlessly took over the project from Gus Foods' previous partner, ensuring all documentation and code were correctly transferred and setting appropriate permissions. This phase was crucial in establishing a strong foundation for ongoing development.

Enhancing user experience and reducing support load

Stabilisation efforts

We focused on stabilising the app by addressing the identified issues. This included refining the UX/UI to improve user flows and quickly resolving any problems faced by active customers.


The stabilisation efforts led to a significant reduction in customer support inquiries and a dramatic drop in both fatal and non-fatal crashes. This not only improved user satisfaction but also freed up resources within Gus Foods to focus on innovation.

The amount of bugs and malfunctions was reduced to near-zero and we even added some nice new features like push notifications. Of course we have more plans we hope to bring to life with their support!

Andreas De Ridder (Founder Gus Foods)

Feature development

New Features

With a stable app, we shifted our focus to adding new features. One of the key additions was adding push notifications to the app designed to re-engage users by offering coupon codes and discounts. This feature aimed to increase user retention and drive engagement.

A screenshot of a notification that was send stating that all testing related to notifications is done and we can launch to production on Monday
Using the feature to let everyone know the implementation was tested and ready for production

Long-term impakt

Sustained improvement

Our continuous improvement efforts have led to sustained app stability and performance. Gus Foods has seen ongoing reductions in support requests and crash rates, which translates to better user experiences and higher satisfaction.

Strategic partnership

This collaboration has grown into a strategic partnership characterised by mutual trust and shared goals. We continue to work closely with Gus Foods, exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The mutual trust and constructive atmosphere of the collaboration has made this partnership very enjoyable so far. More to come!

Andreas De Ridder (Founder Gus Foods)


The collaboration between Gus Foods and impaktfull has been a success story of mutual growth and learning. By focusing on thorough auditing, stabilization, and continuous feature enhancement, we have established a strong, trust-based partnership. This case study highlights the transformative impact of dedicated, strategic collaboration in the tech and food industries.

Gus Foods is now better positioned to serve its customers with a reliable, feature-rich application, thanks to the concerted efforts and expertise of impaktfull. As we look to the future, both companies are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, continuing to innovate and improve together.

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