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🚀 We're thrilled to share our mid-year achievements! Since July, we've made significant strides that showcase our growth and dedication.


We've successfully completed two consultancy assignments. These projects allowed us to share our expertise while also learning new things, creating a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved. These engagements have reinforced our belief in continuous learning and adaptation.

Flutter Apps

Our tech team has developed four diverse Flutter apps, significantly enhancing our technological footprint. These apps range from IoT solutions to productivity tools, each tailored to meet specific client needs. While we can't disclose all the details yet, we're excited to publish these client case studies in the near future.

Community Engagement

We hosted three Flutter Belgium Meetups, which have been both enriching and community-building experiences. These events included creating a dedicated website, sharing projects on madein.flutterbelgium, setting up recordings, testing livestreams, and organizing raffles. Our efforts have significantly improved the community's cohesion and engagement.

Webflow Designs

Our creative team crafted four stunning websites using Webflow, including our own. These projects highlight our ability to blend creativity with functionality, providing our clients with visually appealing and highly functional websites.

Open Source Contributions

We proudly launched four open-source projects, primarily focused on Flutter and Dart. These contributions aim to foster knowledge sharing and help others get up and running faster. Open-source development is at the core of our values, reflecting our belief that gatekeeping limits growth.

Social Media Growth

Our social media presence has grown significantly, reaching 200 followers on LinkedIn! 🎉 This milestone is a testament to the support and interest from our community. If you haven't followed us yet, now is the perfect time to join us for more updates and insights.

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Company update

Unveiling the impaktfull Website

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Company update

Embracing Mobility Without Owning a Car

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